About me...

My little family and I have spent a lot of time overseas. My husband and I moved to NZ from the UK in 2004, and our children (ages 8 and 6) have already lived in 4 different countries! We love Aotearoa. It is such a beautiful place to settle and grow, but with all our family living in other parts of the world, I place a lot of value in capturing milestones and moments through images.

Photography has always been a huge passion of mine. I love the idea of saving memories from a snapshot of time that can be enjoyed for years to come.

I photograph families and children outside using natural light and I like to focus on candid moments rather than staged poses. The funny glances at each other, happy giggles and little cuddles all make for a beautiful story book of images.

My favourite place to photograph families is at the beach, using nature's beauty as the perfect backdrop . My favourite time to shoot is during golden hour, that glorious hour before sunset when the sun provides stunning soft light. 

We are very spoilt for beautiful places around here, if there is somewhere special to you please let me know as I am happy to travel for photoshoots.